Excel Services

We provide services like:

  • Fixing Excel spreadsheets.
  • Training on Excel usage
  • Spreadsheet creation for specific purposes


We can also assist on migrate complex Excel to databases or other platforms. 

VBA coding

We can create or fix small VBA programs

Excel pages fixing

Sometimes you get an error on your Excel file and you want to to fix it. We can help on that,

"I have my data in Excel and they were able to add France District information over it and make several resume tables to show the reservation and cancelation of housings per district and month."


"Gastei mais de 2 horas só para instalar o WordPress. Para fazer o que se fez nesta formação gastaria alguns dias ou semanas."



Typical Excel Tasks 

On Excel Expert that are some kinds of work that are recurrent

Advanced Training

Using remote desktop control tools is possible to have a remote lesson on how to use excel or how to do advanced tasks in Excel.


Data Analysis 

Excel allow to do data analysis using also some statistical functions.

Finances Calculation

Even a detailed business plan and simulation can be created in Excel.


With the proper usage most of the financel control of a small enterprise can be done in Excel

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