"We have a internal bonus calculation system created in Excel that was getting too complex. It has many formulas and it has hard to track the data and all the components of the bonus given to our employee. Excel-Expert was able to convert it to a new system. There were 3 or 4 differences but with the new system we are able to understand what was the reason."

Alex Pear, Human Resources

Beyond Excel 

When Excel is not enough to deal with the data

Financial Information 

Forecast at 3 years to SIEMENS Power Division

Car Plant Financial Information 

Database to control cost reduction ideas in a car plant

Eletricity Market Simulation 

Transformation of an Excel energy market simulator into a web site and program.

Call Center Call processing 

Deal with millions of call records to understand what is going on the call center

Reason to convert from Excel 


Slow system to use

Excel is very powerful but when you have thousands of lines filled with formulas the system starts to become slower and slower.

Databases structure 

Excel allows to use tables and even databases but if your project is really database driven it will work better in a database oriented environment.

Remote users

To allow people in different locations to access to the same information a distributed system has advantages and a web approach can be better

Advanced Statistics

For a detailed statistics analysis Excel has a limit in the functions it has available and on what is possible to do.

Very large data sets

In very large datasets with millions of lines is more important how to computer is able to handle the load.

Shared usage

When you have many persons wanting to use the same data at the same time usually Excel locks the full spreadsheet for just one user.

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