Spreadsheet Creation

Maximize Your Business Potential with Over 25 Years of Spreadsheet Expertise

 Are you ready to elevate your business processes and decision-making with unparalleled spreadsheet proficiency? With over 25 years of dedicated experience in crafting and optimizing spreadsheets, we offer a level of expertise that can transform the way you handle data and make strategic decisions.

Com o conceito de clicar e arrastar consegue-se criar a página rapidamente.

Para assegurar a otimização extrema poderá ainda ser preciso mexer no código mas na maior parte dos casos é suficiente.

A maior parte das modificações são intuitivas e fáceis de utilizar. 


As a trainner

Teaching experience in 6 colleges and in more than 20 locations, totaling over 3,000 hours of teaching experience.

Also has more than 6,000 hours of experience in individual lessons on various topics, including dozens of trainings on Excel.

Attendance at various pedagogical trainings and the ability to deal with many different people and organizations, adjusting the pace and topics to the interests shown.

Only studylots of pratice leads to sucess. Know me better!

Business Inteligence 

You can see a presentation about steps to conisder about business inteligence here. 


Is also possible to arranje training online where we share the screen and make annotations on it.

Trainning local

Training is done with a 55 TV that allows to see several aplications at once and different sources of information.


Our main location is near the metro of yellow line in Odivelas.

For bigger groups can be used other locations


Over 25 years of experience

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

MBA in Information Management

Worked at AutoEuropa, TMN, Siemens, ANF, ArtSoft, Teleperformance, and 1000megabytes.

Taught at ISEG, Open University, Atlantic University, and Cocite. Conducted training in 20 different locations.

Completed projects for, among others, EDP, Corkart, TelhasUM, A4U, Kelly Services