“I have the share prices of thousands of companies distributed by 40 over columns and was not able to treat them in Stata to do the econometric analysis. After some manipulation i was able to have them in the proper format. I would take more than one week to do it by my own”

John Santos, Msc. Student

Advanced Topics in Excel 

Some expert tips and special cases

Data Analysis in Excel 

Install Analysis ToolPak in Excel ADVANCED PAULO SANTOS Data Analysis in Excel In Excel there some add ins that you may install in order to have more funcionalities.    The data analysis toolpak has mostly statistical functionalities that help on data treatment.   Go to Options Choose add-ins in Tab,  Press the go button in […]

change excel language

Install other language in Excel 

Install other languages in Excel ADVANCED PAULO SANTOS Install other languages in Excel Start at File > Options > Language. You must choose the right 32 or 64 bit version.   Don´t forget if you want to emulate the working of the pc in another country besides the language you may need to change the regional settings of your […]

Massive correlations 

Make easier to spot significative correlations

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